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DYOR in 2 minutes: a quick introduction

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Why join the VIDT community?

The last couple months our community asked us to write a short intro written around our 3 strongest points for new community members to read up on..  short appears very hard, but here we go!

1. VIDT Datalink is a fast growing platform with great partners, customers and team members!

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VIDT: Innovation Secured

VIDT makes any digital file verifiable. After a file is certified with the VIDT platform, any recipient can check in 5 seconds on any device with a browser if the file is still authentic and not manipulated since its creation. This works with any digital file, like PDFs, video footage, audit trails & sensor data.

Currently, we provide our service in many different use cases for over 30 clients like Airbus Defence & Space, AmSpec, Krohne and JWC Superyachts. Furthermore we have fruitful collaborations with IBM, CMS Law, DigiByte and Nyenrode Business University.

The potential use cases for VIDT Datalink are almost limitless and the amount of digital files which would benefit from protection can hardly be quantified.

2. $VIDT is the integral part of our validation process, has great tokenomics and is <25m $ cap!

Business success == Token burns

VIDT has a total supply of 58M and a max circulating supply of 47M. VIDT can not be mined and V-ID will buy an amount of tokens equal to 10% of VIDT spent on corporate validations by our customers.

V-ID will buy this amount of tokens in unequal parts at random moments, preferably at several exchanges, to prevent sudden movements in the exchange rate, and to eliminate any predictability in exchange rate developments.

Live usage dashboard
VIDT and Tokenomics

3. VIDT has a crammed roadmap and is aiming to be the standard for file validation.

The road to market leadership

Some of VIDTs roadmap highlights are multiple Government ProjectsAPI V3 "trust automated" real-time validation and verification, B2C applications, a VIDT usage dashboard (live right now!), a V-ID / IBM powered IOE (internet of environments platform) and a V-ID-powered KYC/customer due dilligence process.

Since the beginning we have always adhered to our milestones and in the future our ambitions will only grow.


Yes, there is more!

Tap into our feeds!

Besides our Roadmap, VIDT Datalink is constantly churning out news around developments, partnerships, events and clients. A nice example is our Rembrandt Project, where we validated a Rembrandt in several blockchains. (this also escalated in some crazy memes)

Check out our Youtube channel, Telegram Channel, Twitter feed, Instagram and Medium stories to stay in the loop!

Furthermore we are very proud to be represented on CoinMarketCap !

Kindest regards,

The VIDTeam


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