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VIDT usage

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Using multiple blockchains is the most secure way to store read-only data which is publicly accessible.

The VIDT token simplifies the payment of (highly dynamic) transaction fees on multiple blockchains.

VIDT transactions contain both the file fingerprint and the validation fee in VIDT.

All fees are sent to the Validation Wallet by our smart contract, which also stores and indexes the fingerprints for quick reference. This is the core of our validation and verification services and the base of our tokenomics.



In short, 10% of tokens spent on validations is bought back at exchanges and 20% is burned.

Goal of our tokenomics is to align the incentives for V-ID and V-ID investors. The VIDT token provides transparency to our investors thanks to which V-ID operates without debt capital.

The increased burns are compensation for dividend, which would classify the token as a security and prevent exchange listings.

In 2020 is the intended launch of security token VIDS. If regulations permit these plans, the aim is to enable investors to exchange VIDT for VIDS, which would represent possession of shares in the company V-ID



Simply put, all V-ID validation services require a VIDT fee only.

New use cases which are in the works (B2C, IOT) would be overly complex and inefficient without the use of the VIDT token.

More on this and on the use of validation and verification API’s is available in our updated roadmap.

V-ID provides all client wallets with Ethereum for gas fees. Validation services in person and transaction fees (for optional other blockchains) are compensated in a VIDT payment to the Validation Wallet.


Official wallets

Validation Wallet 
Collects all VIDT validation fees
0xe7C54558a04F2f673C ...

Main Wallet
Holds VIDT to be distributed to V-ID clients in bundles
0x57E6B79FC6b5A02Cb7 ...

Team + Advisors Wallet (locked)
0x445f51299ef3307dbd ...

Team  Wallet (unlocked)
2019 and 2020 allocation of tokens (2 x 20%)
0xD64b2552A55d385bAA ...

Owner Wallet
Distributes to ICO investors and burns tokens
0x8636a1100a06cad72c ...

Ethereum Token Bridge Wallet
Holds VIDT ERC20 for swaps to VIDT BEP2
0xEDCD7190E77E1D8f ...

Binance Chain Token Tunnel Wallet
Holds VIDT BEP2 for swaps to VIDT ERC20
bnb1gxcetle4dy9zha7llv ...

V-ID clients spotlight

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The V-ID Token (VIDT) is the key factor that makes validations possible and is now tradable on KUCOIN, BINANCE DEX, IDEX, HOTBIT, ATOMIC & TRUSTWALLET.


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