V-ID Monthly: August '19

Exposure, availability & more!


An update on
V-ID latest developments

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new monthly update. Much has happened in the last couple of weeks, and you can read up on everything right here!

1. Webapp closed bèta completed


V3 will bring an integrated QR scanner, which is one part of how you can validate a printed copy of a digital file. You read more about that process on our use case page about certificates and diplomas.

2. First community AMA on The Daily Chain


The following AMA was ran via Twitter and Telegram using the hashtag #AskVIDT. The community could use this hashtag to ask all of the burning questions they wanted to ask V-ID.

The Daily Chain

3. Veritas progress


We have made some great progress with Veritas, the collaboration with Digibyte with the goal to make social identities verifiable. Read more on the Veritas website!

Veritas website

4. VIDT added to Atomic Wallet


VIDT is now easy accessible through the Atomic Wallet. Another step toward better availability for VIDT.

5. Anchoring in Binance Chain: a first by V-ID!


For the first time and in collaboration with LTOnetwork, we automatically anchored a file in the Binance Chain.

A new mechanism and another step towards greater interoperability of the VIDT Platform!

You can download and test the file yourself on the Verification Terminal on

Grab the file here:

6. New section: V-ID FAQs


To satisfy all the info hungry VIDT fans, we created this ever-growing FAQ section!

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us through our contact form and it will be added to this list as soon as possible.

V-ID FAQ section

7. New listing: Beaxy


“V-ID is on a path to build more exposure and better availability for VIDT. One of the things we think are sensible to do, next to getting listed on a large exchange, is to connect with the potential big exchanges of tomorrow, like Beaxy, and getting involved with them at an early stage.” - Marnix van den Berg, Co-founder V-ID


8. New partnership: Caltrix Consultancy


Caltrix Consultancy partners with V-ID to offer a tailored KYC solution for any financial organisation!

More information

9. How to tackle a billion dollar problem


Read our long form article about V-ID's proposed method to tackle fake invoices.

Medium article

10. Follow V-ID now on Instagram


Finally Joshua managed to convince the rest of the team to start a VIDT instagram account...

Get a look behind the scenes and, maybe, catch a hint about our future plans!

vidtofficial on Instagram

11. V-ID partners with Moonrock Capital

Moonrock will help us further expand our network with original campaigns, promotions, while introducing VIDT to their network of influencers and investors.

Moonrock Capital website

11. V-ID partners with Klik & Steen


Klik & Steen are experts in online branding who are going to help bring V-ID's presence and reach to the next level.

Klik & Steen portfolio

Stay tuned!

Please keep track of the latest developments through our Twitter account, as we continue to build the company.

Have a great weekend!

Team V-ID


Katja van Kranenburg - Hanspians, CMS Law Partner: "For us the combination of V-ID and LTO Network is a natural one.
Not only because of the energetic and open-minded way they handle blockchain projects with their knowledge and experience but also because both of them are fun to cooperate and explore possibilities in the blockchain space with. ”


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