V-ID Monthly: April '19

A pretty busy month


An update on
V-ID latest developments

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the second monthly update. Much has happened in the last couple of weeks, and you can read up on everything right here!

1. Customer Spotlight: NRBI


Architectural inspection reports play a mayor role in determining a property's value and, subsequently, the required financing to acquire it. NRBI, the Dutch National Register of Architectural Inspectors, will validate all reports with V-ID, ensuring that all reports are a 100% reliable source to establish a property's valuation.

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2. New advisor: Jolanda ter Maten


Jolanda has more than 25 years of experience in helping business leaders worldwide with the transition to a new digital society, and educating innovation and new technology to a broad audience. This is where V-ID’s and Jolanda’s mission have much in common. Having worked for corporates and government, advising on innovation, change management and technical and management development programs, Jolanda clearly understands the needs of business leaders and other professionals of different levels and fields of expertise.

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3. Updated tokenomics


To comply with exchange listing — and legal requirements, V-ID has updated the tokenomics model to exclude the dividend mechanism. The burn amount has been doubled.

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4. Rembrandt On Chain

For the first time, V-ID's validation platform, known for securing digital files against manipulation, extends its activities into the physical world, by validating Rembrandts' "Virgin and Child in the clouds".

The 17th century etching by Rembrandt has been immortalized with the help of multiple blockchains, so that the work is now better protected against art fraud. 

The validation of Rembrandt's "Virgin and Child in the Clouds" took place on April the 15th 2019 on location at Douwes Fine Art Amsterdam, one of Europe's oldest art dealerships, just a stone's throw away from the Rijksmuseum.

The validation process was a collaboration between expert and registered appraiser Evert Douwes and his son Evert Anthony, the 8th generation in the family business Douwes Fine Art, notary Femke Stroucken of CMS and Marnix van den Berg, one of the founders of the validation company V-ID.

Project page

5. Deepdive: Blockchain & GDPR


Awesome first Deepdive Blockchain / GDPR session at the office tower of CMS. Great progress towards a best practice framework for compliancy. Got to talk with everyone on our wish list, made connections and follow-up appointments!

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6. V-ID x LTO Network


The Dutch blockchain companies LTO Network and V-ID entered into a partnership this week by rolling out an immediately applicable, GDPR-compliant blockchain solution for companies and governments. Additional objectives in this regard are the practical applicability for organizations from every sector, achieving cost savings and further developing the Netherlands as a European knowledge center for blockchain applications.

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7. New listings: LA Token & Hotbit


LA Token and Hotbit have been added to the list of exchanges where VIDT is traded. A great step towards the largest exchange(s)!

VIDT on LA Token

8. New client spotlight: business club WD


Starting today, all 223 regional WD member companies, including Dupont, Mampaey, Heerema Shipyards, ING Dordrecht, Van Lanschot Dordrecht, Randstad, Bolidt, Golden Tulip, Ballast Nedam, Royal Boskalis, Fokker Aerostructures and more, will see this V-ID stamp at the bottom of their invoice from business club WD. 

WD website

9. V-ID keynote speaker @ DigiByte Global Summit Amsterdam


We had the pleasure to meet new leads & get great feedback on the Rembrandt project in addition to talking about adoption, DigiAssets & future plans!

Summit recap

10. V-ID receives innovation grant


V-ID received a grant from the Smart City Innovation Fund! 

The grant, which was awarded by the alderman of Dordrecht, helps organizations to develop innovative services around the V-ID platform that contribute to the region.


Smart City website

11. VIDT on CoinMarketCap


VIDT is now listed on CoinMarketCap.

CMC website

Stay tuned!

Please keep track of the latest developments through our Twitter account, as we continue to build the company.

Have a great weekend!

Team V-ID


Katja van Kranenburg - Hanspians, CMS Law Partner: "For us the combination of V-ID and LTO Network is a natural one.
Not only because of the energetic and open-minded way they handle blockchain projects with their knowledge and experience but also because both of them are fun to cooperate and explore possibilities in the blockchain space with. ”



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