Send VIDT from Binance DEX

Swap from VIDT BEP2 to VIDT ERC20 Tokens


So you want to swap VIDT from Binance Dex?

Hi, to get started, make sure you have created your own ERC20 supporting wallet.

After that, use the form below to send your VIDT tokens from your Binance DEX account.

VIDT exists on 2 blockchains with the same supply, swapped tokens will be locked in 2 bridge wallets.

By using the VIDT Tunnel, you send your VIDT BEP2 tokens to a general wallet!

1👉 Create your own ERC20 supporting wallet of which you own the private key
2👉 Add the address of this wallet as the memo in your VIDT BEP2 transaction
3👉 Only send tokens from a wallet that is yours personally
4👉 Make sure you send at least 500 VIDT per transaction
5👉 Please double check that you do not send tokens directly from or to exchange addresses!

A Binance DEX address (of which you own the private key) is fine.

You can swap from Ethereum ERC20 to Binance BEP2 using the VIDT Bridge.



* Warning: Do not send tokens directly from exchanges!


VIDT Datalink on CoinMarketCap:

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