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Proof of authenticity & legitimate ownership

V-ID's mission is to secure authenticity through data integrity, thereby providing the fundamental checks needed for our rapidly digitising world to function properly. The link with physical objects already launched in spectacular fashion with the first Rembrandt art secured on the blockchain. In the world of art and collectibles, provenance is a big part of authentication. This is where NFTs fit perfectly to tackle this challenge. >What is a non fungible token?

An example of an integrated VIDTC NFT-Widget for a 17th-century etching by Rembrandt


The certification process was a collaboration between expert and registered appraiser Evert Douwes and his son Evert-Anthony (owners of the family business Douwes Fine Art), Femke Stroucken (notary and partner at law firm CMS) and Marnix van den Berg (co-founder of certification company V-ID).



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Every time you have to go through the hassle of verifiying any digital file, you are wasting valuable business time. Let V-ID do the certifying and verifying  so you can focus on what is the most important: growing your business.

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