Send VIDT to Binance DEX

Swap from VIDT ERC20 to VIDT BEP2 Tokens


So you want to trade VIDT on Binance Dex?

VIDT exists on 2 blockchains with the same supply, swapped tokens will be locked in 2 bridge wallets.

By using the VIDT bridge, you claim your own Ethereum bridge address.

All VIDT tokens deposited to this address will be converted and added to your Binance DEX address.

1👉 Create your own BEP20 supporting wallet at
2👉 Claim your personal Ethereum bridge address using the form below
3👉 Send at least 1,000  VIDT ERC20 to the address to initiate the swap
4👉 Double check that you do not send tokens directly from or to exchange addresses
5👉 The first deposit needs to happen within 24 hours after claiming your personal bridge address

You can swap from Binance BEP2 to Ethereum ERC20 using the VIDT Tunnel*



To learn more about the process of using the bridge to swap VIDT ERC20 tokens to VIDT BEP2 tokens, please read the instructions on this page.


VIDT Datalink on CoinMarketCap:

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