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Our document certification & verification service prevents identity fraud, reduces costs and improves the user experience while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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What we do

V-ID partners with Caltrix Consultancy to offer a tailored solution for any financial organisation.

New KYC & AML regulations require companies to critically evaluate their operating procedures to ensure compliance, but also minimize costs, retain profitability and improve the user experience.

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Our tailored solution assists compliance teams to solve and comply with immediate and future regulatory KYC/AML challenges.

Secure digital assets with Blockchain powered validiation

V-ID is a document certification and verification service that uses blockchain technology in order to make personal data ‘self-verifiable’, thereby removing the need for third-party verification services (e.g. examining digital copies for authenticity). Conceptually, it would work like this:


Core Challenge

1. Initial certification

If a potential investor has not yet been certified, a validator (e.g. financial/governmental institution or third-party certification service) can certify the required documents of the investor. Once successfully completed, the V-ID solution can protect the authenticity of the results allowing the certified results to be re-used.


2. File protection through a digital fingerprint

V-ID protects documents by storing the extracted unique fingerprint in one or multiple blockchains without compromising privacy or GDPR laws. Certified files can be checked and verified within 5 seconds using the drag-and-drop online interface. Certified files can be renamed and sent without losing its certified status. Only when the document is edited will the certified status be lost.



3. Automation and re-use of certification

The customer now has certified documents that are approved by the Validator. These certified files can be used to fast-track the KYC process at other firms; After a 5-second verification check, the new firm can assume authenticity and accept the document(s) and thereby reduce time and costs spent.

Re-use of certifications make verifying documents faster, cheaper and automated through the use of APIs.

An organisation can be both a validator (i.e. seller, when a client’s data has not been validated yet by another trusted organisation) and/or a verifier (i.e. buyer, when a client has already been certified by another trusted organisation).


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Katja van Kranenburg - Hanspians, CMS Law Partner: "V-ID is a beautiful company. Not only because of the energetic and open-minded way they handle projects with their knowledge and experience but also because they are fun to cooperate and explore possibilities in the blockchain space with. ”

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