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Introducing BaanVelgen

BaanVelgen is created out of passion for the automotive industry and especially the wheel industry.

The portfolio of BaanVelgen only consist of special selected brands in the industry to give their customers access to the most exclusive and best made brands in the world. Besides wheels they offer  the exclusive Akrapovic exhausts and suspension kits from only high-end selected brands.

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How to tackle a billion dollar problem

Invoice fraud is costing companies worldwide billions of dollars each year. One expensive and time-consuming way to battle the issue, is to train people how to spot signs of a fake invoice.

With V-ID validation, however, the solution does not rely on people's ability to spot a fake invoice at all. Instead, any invoice that was not validated, will have a different digital fingerprint, and V-ID will always detect that it is a non-validated file. So no matter how real it may look, it will not pass the 5 second check.


BaanVelgen: "With V-ID my customers can check the authenticity of an invoice within 5 seconds."





Invest in V-ID

The V-ID Token (VIDT) is the key factor that makes validations possible and is now tradable on KUCOIN, BINANCE DEX, IDEX, HOTBIT, ATOMIC & TRUSTWALLET.

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